You Can Burn Calories Quickly!

Sports is of course good to relax , but that is not the only motivation for many people. You probably also want to lose weight or at least stay healthy. Sports helps with that, because you can burn a lot of calories with it.

But not with every sport you can burn calories quickly . How do you ensure that you lose as many calories as possible with your workouts? And what are the best sports and methods to choose? We will list some useful tips for you!

How many calories to Lose Weight?

Is your goal to lose weight? Be aware that an hour of exercise will not immediately save you kilos. To get rid of a kilogram of body fat , you will have to burn around 7800 calories more than you consume. That is a lot of hours in the gym !


It is precisely for this reason that it is important not only to count on sports for that coveted weight loss. If you do not start eating healthier and eat less , then you will quickly eat those calories that have been burned. In this blog you can read some practical tips to simply eat less calories.

Quickly burn calories: 6 Tips

1. Strength training to lose weight

Many people who want to drop off first step fanatically on the treadmill or cross trainer . Of course you burn calories with it, but it is not really effective. Well, after an hour of training you may be 500 calories – but that’s about it. Certainly with one or two training sessions per week, it does not make much difference to the dike.

For that reason strength training is often a better option. Yes, you burn fewer calories while you are busy. Strength training, however, has the after burn effect: because your body needs to recover from the effort, you use up to two days of extra energy .

Muscle tissue also consumes more energy than fat tissue. In other words: the more muscular you become, the more calories you consume during rest! If you have been doing weight training for a while, your daily energy consumption will increase, even on days when you do not sport at all.

2. Choose interval Training

Do you also want to do cardio training , for example to improve your fitness ? Then consider choosing interval training (HIIT). In addition, you alternate short periods of great effort with breaks. Studies show that you burn more calories in much shorter time because of those peaks.

And burning calories quickly in this way really does not have to run. You can apply interval training anywhere: swimming , cycling , jumping rope … If you only alternate between short, strong effort and quiet movement.

For example, a combination of strength training and interval training is tabata. This method is very intensive, and therefore perhaps more suitable for slightly advanced athletes. The advantage is that you can also get started with this at home!

3. Move your whole Body

Burn as many calories as possible during your workout? Then choose a sport in which your entire body has to move. Cycling is less suitable for this, but swimming a lot more. If you walk hard, force yourself to move your arms more .

Especially if you do not do intensive strength training, this is important to keep all your muscles busy. In addition, movement with your whole body ensures an overall better circulation and you simply burn more calories if you have to move more body mass.

4. Alternate during Training

Of course it is so easy to always do exactly the same workout. However, you burn more calories if you alternate once in a while. Your body adapts to challenges, which means that the same training will cost less and less effort. And so also the amount of energy you need.

In addition, you also mentally stimulate yourself by continuing to vary. Nothing is as deadly for your motivation as the routine of the same round every day! And here too: the more boring you find it, the less energy you put into it, the fewer calories you burn.

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5. Stay fed Enough!

Many people want to quickly combine burning calories with a strict diet , to lose weight so quickly. However, that is strongly advised against. For starters, a crash diet is simply incredibly unhealthy, and it almost certainly guarantees a yo-yo effect .

But in addition, you will burn calories less quickly than you want. If you waste quickly for a while, your body will use much less energy, among other things because a lot of muscle tissue is broken down. Burning calories quickly becomes even more difficult.

Finally, you will be able to reduce yourself less during sports, which will further reduce the effectiveness of your training. So: eat with a small calorie deficit of max. 20%, but please do not make it any crazier than that.

6. All the bits help

Finally, nothing burns calories better than many small bits. Of course, you can sit at your desk and on the couch all day, and then start training very fast for an hour. But do you really want to burn calories quickly? Then there is much more profit to be gained in the rest of the day!

So get on your bike as often as possible, or walk if your destination is nearby. Never choose the lift if you can also choose the stairs. Take a walk after lunch – that’s good for digestion too. You will find yourself feeling a lot fitter!

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