How To Match Your Clothes To Your Skin Color

Have you ever seen that your clothes fit into a store and think: this is not really me. To prevent this, it is important that you know which shades do and which do not fit with your skin color. This will ensure that you spend less time shopping and you need to return fewer packages. We make a distinction between three shades of the skin, namely: pale, slightly tinted and dark.

Pale skin

Do you have red, blond or light brown hair? Maybe freckles? And are you always looking for color that suits you well? If you have pale skin, shades that are very different from your skin color will literally add some color to your skin.

Well to wear

Wear colors such as gray, black, burgundy, navy blue and dark green. These dark colors match very well with the pale skin. But be careful that it does not become a gloomy whole. Dark shades can be combined well with lighter shades. In this case, opt for fuller shades such as off-white, camel or khaki instead of light-white or light beige.

Not to wear

Try to avoid pastel colors, light and bright colors. These colors will ensure that your pale skin is accentuated. So bright yellow is really a no-go, since it will seem like you have not seen the sun for years.

Lightly tinted skin

If you are blessed with olive-colored skin, you have much more choice than people with pale skin. With a lightly tinted skin, almost all colors are good.

Well to wear

Choose shades that are lighter than your skin color. Think of light beige instead of for example a darker color as warm sand. In addition, your tinted skin will come into its own when you wear bright colors. Combining white with light neutral tones can also be done with dark ones in winter. For example, combine a white shirt with stone-colored shoes. The light combination will emphasize your skin better.

Not to wear

Since the light-toned skin color probably has yellow or green undertones, you should avoid the color of the clothing getting too close to your skin tone. Otherwise you will get a ‘naked look’. Shades like pistachio, olive and mustard will probably have to be avoided.

Dark skin

Even men with dark skin, like men with light-toned skin, can have many colors.

Well to wear

With dark skin you can handle almost anything. You never run the risk that you get a faint look. It is a privilege to be able to wear bright colors, but watch out! It is important that you combine bright colors with neutral colors to keep your outfit in balance. Keep it simple. Besides the bright colors it is of course also possible to wear light shades.

Not to wear

When wearing a dark skin color is not recommended to wear brown. How pastel colors launder a pale skin, brown will not do your dark skin properly. The contrast with the skin color is not big enough, so this does not form a good match. Although black and dark blue are common shades in a wardrobe, it is wise to keep this minimal in the event of a dark skin color. It is a shame to not optimally use your multifaceted skin color.

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