Unequal Breasts – The causes and the Treatments

Breasts are never completely symmetrical. One breast may be a bit larger or smaller than the other, or hang slightly more. There may also be a difference in the size of the nipple. But when the difference is very large – this can even be a few cup sizes – we speak of unequal or asymmetrical breasts. Where do uneven breasts come from? And more importantly: what can we do about it?

Uneven growth of the breasts

In many women, the breasts begin to grow around puberty. In most cases breasts fully mature after four years.

Inequality of the breasts occurs during this growth process: one breast grows faster than the other. In some cases this does not stop, but when the breasts have not become less asymmetrical after six years since the beginning of growth, we can definitely speak of uneven breasts.

Now breasts are never 100% equal and symmetrical, but truly uneven, asymmetrical breasts are breasts that differ visibly in size and / or shape. This can be a cup size, but also several cup sizes.

We also speak of unequal breasts when the breasts are about the same size, but (strongly) deviate in shape. For example, one breast is considerably more than the other.

The causes of asymmetrical breast growth

But why is it that breasts do not immediately merge with growth? This is largely genetically determined. Every breast contains breast gland tissue, no matter how big or small your breasts are. How big breasts are, has to do with the amount of mammary gland tissue that is present in the breasts. Does one breast remain behind with the other? Then that breast contains less mammary gland tissue.

Unequal uneven breasts

When the difference between both breasts is one cup size or larger, uneven breasts are visible to the eye. This can be an annoying problem that entails uncertainty. One option is to buy bh filling in a lingerie specialist store that fills the side of the smaller breast. As a result, the asymmetry with clothes is no longer visible.

Correct uneven breasts

Although you can cover uneven breasts with bra filling, this does not solve the problem. A surgical procedure can do this. Depending on the type of deviation, the inequality of the breasts can be permanently restored.

In the case of difference in size, this is a breast augmentation of the small (er) breast or a breast reduction of the large (er) breast. In specific cases, it is advisable to have both a breast augmentation and a reduction. When there is a difference in shape, a plastic surgeon can advise a breast lift.

A surgical correction of uneven breasts makes the difference between the breasts smaller. There will always remain a (small) difference between the two breasts. 100% symmetrical breasts simply do not exist. If you are not comfortable with surgical process than there is a home remedy for you. Estrogen rich foods helps enlarging breast size.

Breast enlargement of the smallest breast

Is there unequal breasts and are you also of the opinion that your smallest breast is too small? Then a breast augmentation is the most logical procedure. By working with implants , the smallest breast can be made fuller and larger. Read more about different types of breast augmentation and its method in this article.

Breast reduction of the largest breast

Difference in size can also be corrected by reducing the largest breast. When you are satisfied with your cup size, this is also the most secure option, because you do not have to deal with implants when breast reduction, such as enlargement of the breasts.

In breast reduction, breast tissue and fat are cut away in most cases, which leads to a reduction of the breast. A doctor can advise that in addition to breast reduction, breast enlargement of the other breast should be performed in order to achieve the best result.

Breast lift

Is the inequality of the breasts caused by a difference in shape? Because one breast, for example, hangs (much) more than the other? A breast lift can restore the difference in shape, depending on the deviation.

A breast lift is a treatment that has different methods. This way the breasts can be lifted by removing skin around the nipple. A doctor can assess whether a breast lift is the option to repair your uneven breasts and what kind of breast lift is most suitable for this.

Note: breasts can change shape by, for example, breastfeeding or after you have lost a lot of weight. It is advisable to wait with lifting the breasts until a child’s wish is fulfilled.

Reimbursement of the correction of unequal breasts

The correction of uneven breasts is aesthetic, but also medical. Having uneven breasts can cause unpleasant symptoms. Yet the compensation for correcting uneven breasts is somewhat more complicated than with an ‘ordinary’ breast reduction or breast lift.

For example, correction of uneven breasts is only reimbursed when the difference in cup size is at least two sizes. Also only a reduction of the largest breast is compensated. The enlargement of the smaller breast must be paid for.

Do you want to know for sure how the compensation for treating unequal breasts is concerned? Then contact your health insurer.

Costs & clinics

A correction of unequal breasts is a very personal intervention and therefore the costs can vary from person to person. You will therefore not easily encounter this procedure on the price lists of clinics. When you consult, the doctor can give you a precise quotation.

Virtually all plastic surgeons who perform cosmetic procedures on the breasts can correct uneven breasts. Looking for a good doctor? Here you will find an overview of clinics that perform cosmetic procedures on the breasts .


Breasts are never quite right. But we speak of really uneven breasts when the difference in size is at least one cup size. You can also speak of unequal breasts when the shape of one breast is very different.

Unequal breasts are caused by under- or over-production of mammary gland tissue. The problem can be solved permanently by choosing a breast enlargement of the smallest breast, a breast reduction of the largest breast – or a combination of these two – or a breast lift. A doctor can advise what is the best option in your case.

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