Turmeric and weight loss

We have already seen that turmeric is able to block the estrogen-sensitive tissue. And so will contribute to reducing body fat. However, turmeric also works in other areas. These other mechanisms will in turn help to reduce the body fat. The anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric is one of them. Inflammation will affect testosterone production. As a result, we get reduced amounts of the male hormone. This will ensure that estrogen gets free job.

Turmeric and weight loss

Turmeric and weight loss

By blocking the inflammation, the production of testosterone will increase. Another mechanism is the increase in sensitivity to insulin. When we are not sensitive to insulin, the body becomes insulin resistant. This will not only lead to overweight due to an easy fat storage. This will also eventually lead to type 2 diabetes, but will also seriously affect the production of testosterone.

The use of turmeric increases this sensitivity to insulin and that in turn results in a higher testosterone. The next advantage of turmeric is that it will purify the liver. The functioning of the liver will be optimized by the strong antioxidants in curcumin and by its anti-inflammatory effect.

Enzymes in the liver are addressed to process more estrogen. With a healthy liver, more than half of the estrogen is processed in our body. Defused, thanks to the liver. In people with liver disease or a damaged liver this will lead to increased estrogen. Because the liver is no longer able to filter the estrogen. This is very common in men who use or have used anabolic steroids. But can also be caused by excessive alcohol and other liver disorders.

Men’s breasts are stimulated by these problems with the liver. With turmeric we are going to repair the liver, so we will get a better outflow of estrogen in our body. The combination of these mechanisms will provide a huge improvement in the male breast symptom.

Turmeric and weight loss

Turmeric is not only useful for use against body fat. The herb also provides an improved ability to lose weight. Or to keep the same weight and still eat enough. Turmeric yellow root Because the body becomes more sensitive to insulin and the inflammations are counteracted we can stimulate weight loss. Another effect of the herb on losing weight is that the thermogenesis in the body is set in motion.

In short, thermogenesis will increase the temperature of the body. The body will be more able to burn calories, the metabolism will be increased so that we can burn more calories and thus eventually lose weight because we have a higher incineration.

An investigation can prove this. The study was conducted among a number of mice that were divided into 2 different groups. One group used a diet high in calories. Another group of mice did the same but used as extra, a supplement of curcumin (the active substance in turmeric).

It was established that the first group, who therefore did not use a curcumin supplement, had 50% more fat in the body after 3 months than the group that had taken a supplement. And yet the same food to eat during those three months.

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