These Additions Can Increase Your Brain Power

How to use and improve the most fantastic organ of the human species? Know its functioning (mechanisms of will and thought) and, from this knowledge, take advantage of all its potentialities, surpass its limits and be much better as a person, as a professional and as a species.



I know, I change

Supreme pride of our species, the brain is a fantastic machine that weighs about 1.4 kg, holds more than 12 trillion neurons and is divided into three fundamental parts: the hypothalamus, the limbic system and the cortex.

The hypothalamus is a small organ, found at the base of the skull, that controls survival functions. There lies the center of hunger, satiety, thirst, sexual drive. Fundamental, since survival is the primary interest of any living being, the hypothalamus is not exclusive to the human race: the reptile, for example, is very similar to ours, which is why the hypothalamus is also called the reptilian brain.

The limbic system has the function of providing the individual with emotions. Here is the house of feelings. Some mammals, such as the dog and the domestic cat, also have the limbic system.

And finally, the cortex, which is exclusive to the human species, responsible for three tasks: the control of body movements, the perception of senses (sight, touch, smell, hearing and taste) and thinking. Have you heard of the famous right and left hemispheres? Yeah. It is here, in the cortex, that they live. This portion is also synonymous with intelligence, reason and spirit and the main protagonist of the great flights of human thought, such as revolutions and discoveries.

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Scientific Truth

Scientists have long discovered that it is possible to increase the number of synapses, which are the connections that exist between neurons. The more information and knowledge, the more synapses are formed, because nerve cells do not work in isolation, they depend on the network to which they belong. And the more connected the neurons are, the better the performance of brain functions.

In practice, it works as follows: the greater a person’s knowledge and diversity of interests, the greater the number of synapses. And in this case, quantity is quality: “The increase in synapses improves reasoning and memory, as there is an increase in the speed of information transmission between neurons”. It is the same reasoning of roads and streets, the more access roads, the greater the possibility of shortcuts and speed of travel.

Until recently, it was believed that it was possible to increase only the number of synapses. However, recent studies attest that it is possible to increase the number of neurons we have: scientists have managed to cause the proliferation of nerve cells in the brains of rats subjected to brain stimuli and physical exercises. From this information, the obvious conclusion is that the development of the human brain is unlimited.

Brain in the Classroom

How do you train? Where do you train? Is there a course for this? Brain training is simple and can be done on a daily basis, at any time and place. Semantically speaking, it is the same methodology and philosophy of sports practice: the secret is to take a liking for practice, to get used to constancy.

Those who swim prepare for months for a competition. Time and constancy are not discussed. What matters is the training itself: improving each day, lowering your own times, improving your starts, strokes and turns. Meanwhile, the body improves, becoming stronger, more muscular. This is the first behavior that you must incorporate: the constancy and discipline of athletes, fundamental characteristics for the achievement of high brain performance.

The trainings, please!

The forms of training are many, so many that, at the end of this report, you will be able to create your own training program. Personalized, only yours! It is worth remembering that brain training is not divided by field. It does not work for departments. You have read about emotional intelligence, multiple intelligences. But these divisions are only for didactic purposes, to facilitate the understanding of the mechanisms of thought, because everything happens and works at the same time.

Brain Massage –

And, as if that were not enough, physical exercise also has benefits for the brain, as the practice causes the production of brain endorphins, substances that cause feelings of pleasure and relaxation. These endorphin actions compensate for the destructive action of adrenaline caused by stress, which impairs brain function. The consequence is an indirect improvement in brain performance.

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