How to Lose 20 Pounds within a Month?

I have watched reality shows about losing weight and believe me, I am really impressed with this people who can lose weight for over 30 pounds within a month. I believe that this is possible especially if you have all the time in the world and just focus on your workout who would not accomplish this, plus the competition itself that drives you to stay focus, determined to get the prize reward or money is more than enough motivation to lose this weight.

How to Lose 20 Pounds within a Month?

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Now let us apply this to our personal conditions, can we really lose at least 20 pounds of weight? If you are ready to do this, then simply follow my guide.

Before anything else, what I need you to have is find your motivation, simply ask yourself your motivation on why you want to lose weight?

Second is make sure you are ready to dedicate time, patients and fully invest this process with focus and determination without this all efforts are for nothing, do remember that!

Once you are ready with the first two requirements then let us start.

First you need to identify your healthy and balance diet. You do not need to go on a crash diet and starve yourself to death, no need for that…what you simply need to do is identify the total number of calories of what you ate or eating, and try to lessen gradually, or if you are really decided cut the food where most number of calories came from and find an alternative food that is less the amount of calorie before, the idea here is simply lessen the amount of calories you eat daily.

Second is start jogging in the morning or/and in the evening for one hour daily on every jogging session you do. As mentioned earlier you need dedication and even time management for this. Of you can do this, you are guaranteed that you can reach the goal of losing 20 pounds of weight within a month.

Third is very important to dedicate a time to go to the gym and get a personal trainer’s help. If you cannot afford to get a personal trainer then it is important to educate yourself on the proper procedure, forms and execution of every exercise sets you want to apply. You can use video tutorials from YouTube on the proper method on applying the exercises you want to perform.

Lastly always remember that this is a repetition, so always remind yourself of your motivation and why you need to accomplish this goal.

Remember that everything requires self-discipline and focus, we have it, and we just do not apply it always. If you are serious in losing 20 pounds in one month, do not think of doing it, simply do it!

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