Chest and back depilation for men!

Many men have hair on the chest and in some cases also on the back. Over the centuries, different views on hair growth have developed in the man. With the Romans and the Egyptians there already existed a culture in which hair removal belonged to the daily rituals. In other cultures, hair growth is again seen as masculine and attractive. Yet more and more men want to remove their hair. This has several reasons.

For example, hair removal may be uncomfortable when exercising. In addition, hair growth offers bacteria the chance to settle on the hair. As a result, hair growth is often seen as less hygienic. Hair growth can also cause itching or inflammation. Men with a muscular upper body often see hair growth as disturbing because it hides the muscles. So there are many different reasons for men to depilate .

The aesthetic and erotic motives are often disputed. Some people see breast hair growth is masculine and attractive. For the woman, breast hair does not always have to be removed. The general view on back hair is that it is not considered erotic. The back is therefore one of the most treated areas in the man.

Depilation of arms or legs in men is less common. Especially certain athletes such as wrestlers or cyclists use this. Depilation of the armpits is becoming more common. However, men prefer to update the hair growth above the complete removal.

There are different methods for depilation. We will distinguish between definitive and non-definitive methods. We will mainly focus the methods on the back and chest hairs.

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Resins is a widely used method for depilation of the chest and back. When resins, it takes a relatively long time before the hairs grow back. This result will remain at least 4 weeks! This is because the hairs including hair follicle are removed.

If you regularly harden the back or chest, the hair growth will also decrease slightly (a lasting result is certainly never achieved!). The disadvantage of resisting the breast or back is that it is a painful treatment. Rule: the fewer strips, the better for the skin. The waxing of the back or chest is suitable for both at home and at a beautician.

Shaving chest or back hair.

Shaving your hair is a quick, painless and accurate method. With shaving you can very accurately determine which part of the breast hair is removed, if you do not want to remove the complete hair. A disadvantage of shaving is that the razor blade can irritate the skin. Especially when the skin is not used to shaving. This effect can be reduced by always using a new blade. Blunt blades irritate the skin extra.

Another disadvantage of shaving breast or back hair is the relatively short result. Because the hair is only superficially cut, the hair often grows back after 2 days. A good tip for shaving is to first cut the chest and back hair. This will make shaving with a knife considerably easier. When you want to electric shave, the cutting of the hair is necessary.

As mentioned above, cutting of chest or back hair is a useful tool for shaving. But cutting is more than just a tool, cutting is a method in itself. Men who do not want to completely remove the hair, often need a method to keep their breast hair under control. Cutting is also a widely used method for tracking armpit hair.

Depilatory cream is a quick and painless method to remove back or chest hair. Depilatory creams contain a chemical substance that dissolves the hair, as it were. That chemical substance is also the cause of the smelly smell. As far as the result is concerned, depilatory cream achieves a longer lasting result than shaving but shorter than resins. The depilatory cream provides a chemical reaction and is therefore not completely harmless to the skin of the chest or back.


The general disadvantage of the non-definitive methods is that it requires regular maintenance for years. This not only takes a lot of time, but is generally also experienced as annoying. Definitive hair removal therefore offers a solution. Final hair removal ensures that hair growth stops. The weekly or monthly depilation of the back or chest is therefore no longer inevitable.

Electric hair removal

Electric hair removal is a definitive method in which the hairs are treated one by one. This treatment is therefore accurate but also very time-consuming. Electric hair removal is therefore not suitable for the depilation of large surfaces such as the back. In addition, the method is irritating to the skin of the chest or back. Electric hair removal is rarely applied to the back or chest.

Laser hair removal back

Laser hair removal is ideal for the permanent removal of hair on large surfaces such as the chest. With Laser hair removal several hairs are treated at the same time. Other advantages of laser hair removal for example the back is that this method is painless and causes minimal irritation to the skin.
An advantage of laser hair removal compared to IPL hair removal is that even lighter hairs can be removed. With Laser hair removal it is easier to remove dark hair, but an adapted laser can also remove lighter hairs, in contrast to IPL hair removal. In addition, Laser hair removal can also remove deeper hairs on the chest, for example, and requires fewer treatments than IPL.

I depilate men

IPL depilation is an excellent method for depilating large surfaces such as the back. In addition, IPL hair removal is generally painless. IPL also causes limited irritation to the skin, but it performs less than the Laser. The big disadvantage of IPL hair removal is that it is heavily dependent on the color hair. Dark color hairs are no problem but lighter shades are almost impossible to treat.

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