Bring Your Hormones Back Into Balance

These developments are worrying, but fortunately there is no reason to panic. You can do a lot yourself to get and keep your hormones in balance. If you follow these steps, you will notice that you feel fitter, sleep better, look healthier and suddenly lose weight excessively.

Step 1: Eat of course

The biggest gain in balancing your hormones you book by eating as fresh and natural as possible. In short, avoid ready-to-eat food from packages and bags. Examples of dishes made with natural ingredients only. That has a few reasons. First, fresh, natural food is not prepared in a factory and is therefore not (chemically) processed. There are also no chemical odors, colors or flavors. Either, it is free of e-numbers.

If you also opt for organic vegetables and fruit, no pesticides are used. Another advantage is that fresh, natural products are often not packaged. Unfortunately, too much fruit and vegetables are pre-packaged, but fortunately not everything.

TIP: Buy your fruit and vegetables organically and preferably at a greengrocer’s.

Step 2: Avoid added sugars

This step is closely related to step 1, because no sugar is added to natural products. Still, I name him separately. Research shows that we eat up to 30 sugar cubes per day, unnoticed. And that happens unnoticed, because food manufacturers add sugar to almost all their products. Even products that you would not expect, such as ‘healthy’ yoghurt drinks.

Of course most people know that sugar is a fattener. But what many people do not know is that a surplus of sugar brings the effect of all kinds of hormones out of balance. Hormones that are involved in your metabolism for example, such as ghrelin, leptin and insulin. In addition, too much sugar causes a stress reaction in your body. And all kinds of stress hormones are involved in that reaction. If you avoid sugar, all these hormones and many others will come into balance again.

TIP: Read the food labels to see if and how much sugar it contains. Also avoid chemical flavors such as aspartame.

Step 3: Do not lubricate this on your skin

Many cosmetics and care products are full of chemical substances. And what you put on your skin eventually also comes into your body. Reason enough to take a good look at what exactly you are going to lubricate yourself before you buy it. Fortunately, there are many natural care products on the market that are free of harmful substances. And fortunately these products are getting more and more common.

TIP: There are many recipes on the internet that allow you to make all kinds of personal care products yourself.

Step 4: Use a refillable water bottle

Bisphenol A or Bisphenol A is used in many plastic packaging. This is a chemical used to produce plastic. This substance is known to interfere with hormone regulation. I always encourage everyone to drink enough water. But preferably do so from a refillable water bottle or smoothie cup that is BPA-free.

TIP: Avoid reusing bottles of water from the supermarket. Buy a BPA-free bottle once and fill it with tap water.

Step 5: Occasionally detox

Detox is an English word that means ‘detoxification’. During a detox you give your body the opportunity to remove toxins. This allows your body to recover from all external influences. And that greatly improves hormone balance and your health.

You do a detox by eating and drinking as pure and pure as possible for a period of time. Actually, you apply all the steps above as much as possible and you avoid everything that your body needs to do extra effort, such as alcohol and coffee.

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